Shirking responsibility and turtles

This morning we went to the Turtle Museum in the Chinese Garden. This is out in the west of Singapore, where the museum houses a (Guinness) record-breaking number of turtles. The children liked this, because you can purchase strips of cucumber to feed the turtles, and also because almost every variety of turtle, from common-or-garden, to enormous African, to ruddy terrifying complete with claws, is available to see.

Sadly when the Chinese Garden gets moved to make way for the new development of Jurong, the Turtle Museum loses its home, and apparently nobody has made a space for it anywhere else. So while we can, the kids can visit and feed turtles in a site of majestic decrepitude as much as possible.

Afterwards, we went for lunch at the mall in Clementi, where I’m trying to convince the children clementines come from.

We rushed back from Clementi at 2 in order to get the kids changed and transported to their swimming classes, except again I hadn’t realised that swimming was not happening this week. Luckily, my wife took them so the first I knew was an irate call from her asking why I’d sent her on this wild goose chase. At least I didn’t have to be in the taxi.

Everyone came back and after being in the doghouse for a bit, I did my bit to compensate by taking the girls out to the shops so my wife could relax. Except both girls refused to go out, so I went out on my own and bought cheesy poofs from Marks and Spencer, which again felt like a win for me, but again didn’t endear me much to my wife. Never mind; after that I went to the gym and worked out for an hour, then came home, and then it was my wife’s turn to out the girls down (and they weren’t going to accept any substitute). So, a good day for me all round. At least in terms of short term gains.

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