Shopping for wire

I got a long list from my electrician friend who’s helping me with my house, of things to get. In the main, it was wire, about 160 feet of wire in different gauges, because the hot water heater we have specced is insanely powerful and requires 150 amps.

To get all this wire, you go to Home Depot, ask a man in an orange apron to help you, and get him to pull the wire off various different reels, like choosing very very thick thread, in the appropriate length.

But I also needed to buy conduit, which the wires are going to go inside, and that only comes in 25 and 100 foot rolls, and I only need 15 feet, so I drove back from Home Depot to my local hardware store, which happily cuts conduit to length and sells it to you by the foot, and then in the evening after the kids had gone to bed, I drove back to Home Depot to get more wire, and sundry other supplies.

Renovating a house really does give you an appreciation for the finer things in life…

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