Short, hot notes

La Serpiente and I went out to buy her a new bicycle today, only to discover that you need to make an appointment several days in advance to do so. She wasn’t too disappointed as I bought her a treat at the local cafe and then we headed home to play Scrabble.
It was a hot day and I didn’t get much sleep so perhaps because of these things I was a total wreck. Incapable of playing rudimentary songs on the banjo, I ended up taking a nap and that didn’t really do much. The kids wanted me to hit them with the wiffle bat, I wanted to sleep and as a compromise we put them to bed and watched the 2019 Hellboy movie which was pretty terrible, a mixture of too graphic violence and not very good cgi, and the only fun bit was the fight sequence in the epilogue. Still, it could always have been worse.

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    • She had the choice of pink or black, and (I was surprised) went for black, on the basis that a lot of different pinks aren’t quite right (so she’s looking for colour coordination, which is nice).

      It also means we can add reflective black tape to the bike to make it more visible, without degrading the appearance, which is a nice consequence she’s keen on.

  1. Clever girl, a treat, and a bike to look forward to. I learned how to ride my bike with no hands today (I’d been in too low a gear before) reminded me of watching La Serpiente unicyling down the road, obviously she is much cleverer than me.

    • I can now ride my cargo bike no-handedly (for as long as I’m brave enough, which is only a few seconds at the moment) – I think it also helps that the bike is much heavier and less twitchy than my mountain bikes. I should probably consult the internet for other tips 🙂

        • 20 mph, officially. Although downhill I managed 28 mph the other day, which I wouldn’t recommend no-handed 😮

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