Short thoughts on nothing

I’m a bit tired today: my Fitbit registers over 23,000 steps today, although I’m not sure how I achieved that. Perhaps it wa the yomping across Singapore for a breakfast meeting, or rushing back for lunch, or sprinting home with La Serpiente in her stroller after lunch, or the library, or going to company drinks, or going running after that…it’s been a long day.

As a result, I have sore feet, which I might be able to remedy by using the Stick on them. I should use the Stick more. I should also meditate more, sleep more, think more… there’s a lot that I’m leaving on the table.

I also feel great guilt for not reading everything in the LRB, and just as I was starting to read a fascinating article about transgender people, another issue of the LRB arrived – I have information backlog, and it makes me sad.

However, I also have had booze, a cupcake and a rum tonight, so things aren’t entirely bad. Tomorrow, I will seek to improve again.

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