This morning we got up early to take the girls out for a pancake breakfast at a local restaurant. Sadly, they shrieked and faffed so much that it took us an hour to leave the house, which was just before my wife’s patience snapped and she left me to take the girls to the restaurant.

They howled and raged for a bit, then ate pancakes, and that made them better for a bit, but then I told La Serpiente off for mucking about and she began to weep and scream again. So this morning was a great thrill.

At lunchtime, I went up to Northgate and took my driving theory test, a 40 question multiple choice test with an 80% pass mark. Every question had four choices, but when one alternative for "What do you do when the roads are icy?" is "Speed up" you should already have a better than 25% chance of getting the right answer.

So I got 88% in 15 minutes, in a room full of people half my age taking twice as long, and went to get my result processed. The woman at the desk went through a lot of forms and then gave me my second test to complete, and then when I asked her why I needed to do two finally realised I’d passed. Should I have been insulted by her air of surprise?

I bought the kids some blankets, went home, we dropped the kids off at a babysitter for a few hours, then watched YouTube videos and chilled out for a few hours, and then this evening I drank four pints of beer. So I guess everything works out.

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  1. Well done! Someone taught me how to parallel park today. “If you slow down you’ll have more time to manoeuvre the car into place.” Genius. Also my Chinese student tells me that in Shanghai shopping malls have Women Only parking spaces that are larger. They just acknowledge that male and female brains are different and think this is a practical idea.

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