Simple Sunday

I stayed up too late last night playing Blood Bowl, but we had a slow start to the day and eventually we got the kids outside to run around, although there was mass hectoring by them to be bought a cookie each at the cafe (they got one to share eventually, after a heck of a lot of complaining).

We went to the library and brought back about 30 books, including a recipe book on slow cooking with three recipes that didn’t involve meat. I tried out 15 minute scrambled eggs for lunch, which were fantastically rich in flavour, although the recipe did call for a teaspoon of heavy cream, so, er… I’m not sure about that.

The afternoon went quickly, with Destroyer working on her unicycle skills until she fell and grazed her knee at dinner time, and then we watched the slightly disappointing Operation Fortune, a Guy Ritchie movie with Jason Statham and Hugh Grant that wasn’t quite silly enough, not living up to The Gentlemen or Wrath of Man. But never-ending, it was … ok, I guess. It suffered in comparison to The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, which we watched two nights ago. And so to bed.

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