Singaporean return

This evening we went to Black Pepper, a South East Asian restaurant in Menlo Park that had a menu basically of upmarket renditions of Singaporean food (chilli crab, Hainan chicken, chicken and rice, fried rice) along with Thai curries and some random panda stuff. It was all perfectly fine, but it’s odd to travel for a very long way to California and be presented with the food you didn’t eat very much for the past seven years.
Now I am in a Comfort Inn. I have an inexplicably large room – well, rooms – a huge double bed, another room with a tiny table where I can play Blood Bowl, and a little kitchenette. It’s a shame I’m only here for the night, but tomorrow I have to head down to LA.

I had a day of meetings today where I really struggled to stay awake. I realised later it was because the last decent night’s sleep I had was last Wednesday, before my odyssey to Portland began. And I just realised I booked my flights to Halifax to depart the day I’d booked tickets to see an NFL game. So that’s quite a bit of money wasted. Hopefully I can cancel either my flights or the tickets to the game. Which will get me in the least trouble?

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