Skating around

The girls had a skating lesson today, in a skate shop down near Lake Union. This was an hour for them to be coached while I sat in one corner of the room and tried to pay attention.
The differences between my two daughters were stark; La Serpiente is more physically adept (two extra years and all that unicycling) whereas Destroyer is focussed. So while the guy was trying to explain the right way to stand still to avoid falling over, La Serpiente was rolling around the room and crashing into walls, while Destroyer was intently concentrating but not as confident when it came to doing things.

Still, in 60 minutes they both learned how to stand up, how to stand still, how to walk forward, to skate quickly, to turn, and to stop, so that’s a good start. I think I made enough notes to coach them a bit further for the next few times they’re out on their wheels.

We drove home, via the car wash (something they always enjoy travelling through) and spent the afternoon in the park, before bedtime came too rapidly and they succumbed to sleep. Tomorrow, fruit picking!

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