Sleep deprivation

I had a 6:30 call this morning, so of course last night was a night when Destroyer woke at 3 and couldn’t get back to sleep, and I couldn’t sleep in her bed and then got about 30 minutes on the sofa, finally getting to sleep just when I had to wake up. Meanwhile Frogmorton was keeping my wife awake, so we were all in bits today. On the positive side, the stairs are almost finished and look absolutely lovely. With the varnish dry, Frogmorton doesn’t need to be shut in our bedroom and can gambol freely around the house once more…

I read the girls a few more pages of the Lord of the Rings, then the weight of the day became too much for me. But onwards, ever onwards. We have friends visiting from Canada tomorrow, providing much needed impetus to clear the toy room and make space for them. There’ll be ten animals and humans under our roof tomorrow night!

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