Sleep routines

On Sunday, we told La Serpiente that if she would stay out of our bedroom at night she would have a piece of candy (to collect at the end of the week), but if she carried on coming in and waking us up, we wouldn’t give her any.
After initial wailing that this wasn’t fair, she realised we were intractable and agreed. On the first night, she stayed in her bed (or, when she woke, cuddled her sister instead) but last night her resolve broke again and she came in.

But she seems to be getting the idea. She told her mother tonight that if she wakes up and has a bad dream, she will come and tell us about it, and then go back to bed. So perhaps we’re on the right track now.

I struggled with work today. Fatigue is the real mind killer, not fear. This week is also the start of my bonkers travel schedule – LA then Singapore then NYC and then perhaps something random in December. I’m glad I’m so rested and fit.

Although not to jinx it, I haven’t got sick yet. I just wish I could get more exercise, but that will come.

First sleep. That’s the priority.

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