Sleep sleep sleep

This evening I surpassed my previous exploits, by getting both of my daughters to sleep. La Serpiente was easy: standard modus operandi is to read her some books (including the unsatisfying Maisy And The Field Day) and then play her two bedtime bears. Destroyer was more difficult as she doesn’t like a parental hand on her back to calm her. Plus she was trying to clamber up her bed. Thankfully, it turns out that you just shove a glowing red sheep in her face and she flops to the mattress and goes to sleep. Why did nobody tell me it would be this easy?

This evening I went for an easyish run (one big hill,no big exertions) then came home and worked on a PowerPoint deck. I’m off to Bangkok tomorrow (I hope; the travel management company have filled in my passport details for me but unhelpfully changed my date of birth by 10 years and 12 days. Who knows if I’ll get this unscrewed at the airport or not.). So I made the most of having my wife awake and the kids asleep by … swearing at an intransigent diagram on a slide for half an hour, then wishing I was asleep.

Today I was in meetings for about nine hours, so I feel like I’m falling apart or turning into a human shaped block of cheese. Who knows what that does for my long term quality of life?

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