Sleeping through it

I put Destroyer to sleep tonight, which was difficult for a couple of minutes as she yelled and screamed, but then I passed out cold and so it was pretty easy for me after that. My wife came in and woke me up after a couple of hours; I doubt that will make any difference to my ability to sleep through tonight.

This morning we went to the Tiong Bahru Park, where Destroyer was more than usually self-destructive. She slipped over inside the climbing frame and gave herself a huge bruise on her face. Then, later she refused to let me hold onto her and slid down a slide on her own. That particular slide stopped about a foot and a half above the ground, and it was a steep one, so she whooshed straight off the end, pivoted around her waist in mid air, and face planted straight into the ground. I don’t think my struggling not to laugh at her made it any less painful.

Then she tried to capsize backward off a low wall (we caught her before she landed on the tarmac) and after that I figured our discretion was the better part of her valour, so we went home for a bit.

When the girls woke from their naps, we took them to Toa Payoh public library, as that had a copy of The Sellout available to borrow. (Every other copy in the Singapore public library system is out on loan.) Going there was fine; the journey back was painful as the world and their dog are out on the MRT every Sunday afternoon and so Destroyer, sat in the bottom of the stroller, suffered from the claustrophobia induced by being able to see nothing but knees.

I brought various presents back for the girls. Some things were swag from work, but I also got two Beanie Baby toys for them; a pair of dogs, which they seem pretty pleased with. In fact, they’ve been very pleased in every which way with me being home again. Perhaps I should go away for 12 days more frequently. (Not that I got much sleep when I was away, mind…)

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