Sleeping to Taiwan

After much resistance, La Serpiente finally fell asleep about 1:30, after all sorts of hijinks. There was the refusal to countenance watching more than five minutes of anything (whether that was Dora the Explorer, Kung Fu Panda or any of the usual things that placate her), there was the difference in air pressure between the cabin and sea level that meant when she opened her Camelbak bottle, a fountain of water doused the two of us, there was the usual litany of questions ("can we walk to Taiwan?" "Can we take the train to Taiwan?" "Can I have a chocolate croissant?" "Can I eat your food Daddy?") and there was the time I tried to get my bag out of the overhead locker, which inspired her to climb up me, repeatedly crying "I’m so lonely!". Did she think I was going to escape to Narnia through the luggage compartment?

Also, somewhere along the line our meal requests got ignored or forgotten, (although to be honest, I only realised about 11 last night that I’d be responsible for four days of feeding) and La Serpiente ended up eating only chocolate cake and a buttered roll, but things haven’t been that difficult. The major challenges are that I have suddenly come on with a reaction to something and can’t stop sneezing, and I can’t locate my antihistamines in my capacious bag.

That, and I’m fuming at some email circular I got today, telling me that Asian children are special and never cry (the author had clearly not been on the same plane as me), and then generalising from this "fact" to prove that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, you lazy, self-limiing steeple with your crying infants. Colic is a choice, apparently.

Still, all is good. I have two lines of mathematical hip-hop circling through my head

I’m a non converging function cos I just won’t stopYou can call me the numerator cos I’m always on top

and I can’t tell if that’s good or bad, but I met a guy the other day who plans to build music with neural nets, so there’s clearly some synergy to exploit here. And I’m now just half an hour from Taipei as I write this, without a care in the world, and me and La Serpiente are going to have a lovely weekend on a beautiful island. All is good.

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