Sleepless nights, names for things, and marginal gains

Maybe it was the stress of looking at houses, but I couldn’t sleep until 3 this morning, and I woke slightly before the alarm went off at 7 to tell us to get the girls up. La Serpiente was in one of those funny moods where she refused to eat any breakfast, and then she lollygagged all the way to school.

I did at least learn that La Serpiente has christened the cats that live in the Spotiswoode estate as Poster (male) and Bo (female) which is coincidentally the short version of a Thai client’s name. (Bo, the Thai client, is short for Supitsara, which I assume is one of those jokes like Paco being the diminutive of Francesco. I don’t know what the feline long form of Bo is. Perhaps La Serpiente does.)

I wasn’t very productive at work because I was so tired, but I did go out and climb at lunchtime, and although I didn’t do anything I hadn’t done before, I did not get defeated by anything I’d previously solved. In particular, this red route:

… And this yellow:

I’ve been trying a new approach: keeping my elbows stuck to my ribs and not stretching for holds. This simulates having a shorter reach, which makes things harder and forces me to use my feet more. As soon as I stop and revert to normal, everything is easier, which is nice.

When I got home the kids were pretty mental (La Serpiente not having slept she was getting manic) so we had pizza for dinner and then the girls both went to sleep without baths, incredibly quickly.

I capitalised on the freedom of the evening by … doing nothing for hours. Then I practiced juggling. I can now throw one ball from hand to hand at least ten times without failure, and when I tried two today, got to 5 times without failure a couple of times. So even in this short period, I’m showing progress against my juggling resolution.

And so to bed.

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