Sleepwalking all day

I didn’t have a shower this morning because I woke up too late and on reflection, this was a bad thing. I seemed to never wake up properly today. Perhaps my spirits had been crushed by last night’s house inspection.
Coffee didn’t really help, but at least I only drank one cup today. I failed to start my MBA yesterday, so this afternoon I put an hour into it, with a relaxing look at the fundamentals of balance sheets and double entry book keeping. Some of this is totally intuitive to me, but then my head goes all over the place when it comes to lookong at credits and debits on a liability t-sheet. But see? I’m getting the lingo. Soon I’ll be hanging on the flippety-flop like a natural.

I went back to my friend’s place in Ballard after this, but since I have developed a paunch from three weeks of eating pizza twice daily, I went back out again, off to Seattle Bouldering Project.

Today I progressed a bit. I managed my first purple problem (somewhere between V2 and V4, so let’s call it a V3). I even did it again, and did it better the second time, which was nice. You find hard things, and you do them until they’re easy.

Again, the problem seems to be either I can do things without much challenge (most of the green, V2ish problems) and then there’s ‘easier’ problems (red, so about V1) which defeat me, as well as everything else at purple and harder. I guess I need to figure out how I can find some smaller improvements that can build to bigger ones.

I only spent about an hour tonight. I figure after going hard at it on Sunday, I should go a bit easier today. And now, I’m in an Uber on the way to bed. It feels I rescued the day from something…

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