Sleepy and overfed

I slept in until 9 this morning, my wife brought me coffee, and then I went to work to eat terrible things. My diet since I got to the US has been pretty bad, but it probably reached its nadir today, when they had ice cream in the cafeteria at lunch time. The flavours were salted caramel, Mexican chocolate and huckleberry choc chip, so I asked for a bit of each.

They told me I had to take one cup of each.

And I did.

Still, I didn’t have more than a single slice of pizza today, and I did do 7 consecutive chin ups, so that’s something, but I’m starting back on salad on Monday and not having any more snacks, for fear that I’ll burst. What kind of life is this?

This evening I got home to find Destroyer feverish, and La Serpiente going crazy with cabin fever, so while my wife looked after our youngest, I took La Serpiente for a walk. We went to REI and she wore herself out on the tree house climbing frame, tried on some hiking trousers and then we shared a salted caramel chocolate bar, before going home via the park. La Serpiente wanted to race me, which meant running as fast as she can while lookong back over her shoulder at me, so I had to put the kibosh on that before she spangled herself, but I got her home nicely worn out and then fell asleep while she was reading a Dr Seuss book to me.

So I’ve been well rested today, I guess.

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