Our daughter kept us up most of the night, impersonating some kind of machine that tears sheet metal into scraps. My alarm went off at 6 but I didn’t make it out of bed until 7:30, and I shambled to work, a disheveled wreck.

However, because of her attempt to stay awake all night and all day, by five she was exhausted, and I came home a few minutes after she’d fallen asleep in her high chair.

That was quite cute; the baby kinked over, head resting on a tray, surrounded by blueberries she’d been too tired to eat. It didn’t look especially comfortable, but at that age, blessed with flexibility and young bones, when she eventually did wake up, it was only with confusion, not complaint.

I suppose normally she gets to observe her father come home from the office, rather than go from a state where she’s presented with small items of fruit straight to a different place, where her stubbly father is trying to bounce her on his knee while simultaneously conducting a Skype call with his parents. She looked quite suspiciously at me,for a while, before lapsing back into her usual big grins. And then I had to give her a bath, and she got angry again.

This evening I was planning on an 11km run, but it’s so smoky outside (like standing downwind of a bonfire) that there was little chance of that. I’d needed the run to rid my mind of some of the accumulated cobwebs from today, so not getting any exercise made me feel really quite down. I had to stick my head under a pillow and hide in a darkened room for a while.

I suppose it’s good to have an occasional rest. My calves are still sore from Saturday, but it’s preferable to not run because you chose to, rather than because of a huge cloud of smoke wafting over the country. There are rumours of rain before the weekend, which might wash at least some of the muck from the air.

And to take a further positive, the mosquito in the flat seems to be dead or gone, perhaps poisoned by all the foul air. It’s an ill wind that blows no good.

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