Slight breakdown

My computer started acting up today. I came back from lunch to find it couldn’t connect to the internet. It could see the WiFi network, and every other device I have can see that and use it to reach the internet, but not my laptop. I tried connecting to other networks. No difference. I rebooted. No change. Finally, I called my helpdesk and we solved it by disabling the network adaptor and then reenabling it. And it worked for twenty minutes.
After an hour or two of this, turning things off and on again grew stale, so I called the helpdesk again. They have an app that allows them to access your computer remotely and take control of it. Obviously with limited success if if refuses to connect to the internet every twenty minutes.

I thought things were solved: another bunch of drivers were downloaded and installed. And then, forty minutes later, it gave up again. So I’m back to switching things on and off.

Tomorrow, I look forward to a proper fix. Perhaps…

Played two games of Blood Bowl tonight. Lost one 3-0, but was happy to prevent more than 3 TDs, so not all bad. Second match my dice were on fire and I bashed the other team off the pitch and won 2-0, against somebody who’s always beaten me in the past. So that was nice. And no moaning about dreadful dice for a change. And so to bed. Hopefully our darlings sleep tonight, like they didn’t yesterday…

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