Slight disappointment and surprise

Every week, Destroyer has a new bag of school work to pick up from her preschool, and so we ride down, put it in my bike pannier, and ride back. Today I only had an hour, and rather than put both kids on my cargo bike, I made La Serpiente ride down to the school with me. I promised that if get them a treat from the nearby bakery, and then got lost looking for the school and rode around in a big circle, going up an extra hill and adding more distance to our ride.
What was worse is that when we got to the cafe, it was almost 2pm and they’d sold out of pastries, so we had to ride back without La Serpiente’s promised treat. Worse, if I gave both girls a cookie when I got home, La Serpiente told me this would also be terribly unfair because she’d already eaten one, whereas Destroyer would get two at once. I guess that’s a marginal utility calculation that discounts past value, or something I learned about in my MBA.

Anyway, we got back, having made La Serpiente ride 5 miles without any treats, but with very little complaining, so I let her choose some candy from the fridge while I rushed to a phone call.

This did mean she went to sleep pretty fast tonight, rather than repeating yesterday’s madness. That gave me a restful evening to sit in the park and drink beer, on the anniversary of my first full day in Seattle, and then play a game of Blood Bowl, and step on a slug in the kitchen with my bare foot, which was highly revolting.

So that really was quite a day. Onward to Friday!

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  1. Not stepping on slugs is one of the best things about not having a ground floor to your house. Well, flat, would be a bit weird/Terry Pratchett for a house not to have a ground floor.

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