Slight return

I tried doing my tax return tonight, a complicated process not just because the US tax code is hard to deal with in itself, but also because I have twenty or more foreign bank accounts that all need to be entered, one by one, into a series of forms. I put it off as long as I could, I fell asleep with Destroyer, woke up with a dead arm, ate an entire bag of crisps, then started on the form, and about 90 minutes later I was through most of it. Not all of it, by any stretch, but I think I’m getting close to the end (it helps that I have last year’s, which was even more complicated, to refer to).
I had hoped to do some fun stuff today, after an entire day of writing code, but that was not to be. Better, I suppose, to get my taxes done (I think I paid almost exactly what I owe, so my return this year is a paltry amount compared with previous years, but that’s a good thing, as otherwise I’d either have overpaid all year, or be in a very bad, tax shaped hole.)

My wife fell asleep downstairs, so I came down when I was done looking at forms, sent her to bed, and sat down to write this. I suppose if nothing else it justifies the huge monitor I bought, as it’s the only way to be able to comfortably compare multiple documents. If I’d tried this on my laptop I’d have doubtless inadvertently committee tax fraud several times over.

And now to bed…

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