I was stressed at work today, or tired, or both, and so the Upright Go was constantly buzzing to tell me I had poor posture. Which made me more stressed, and so I slouched more, til I was something like a human prawn by 6pm, when I went home.

Just look at the stats:

So of all the time I wore it; I was slumped 75% of the time, and when I was standing up straight, half of that was because I was getting constant buzzing admonitions to do so. So that was a bit aggravating.

The day began well: I walked both girls to school, and there was no complaining, no rage or attempts to run into traffic. Well, La Serpiente got in a real snit when I insisted on holding Stone Cold Destroyer’s hand when she walked down some steps, but otherwise they were both great, playing together, holding hands, the whole shebang.

When I got home from work, on the other hand, La Serpiente was bongo crazy from not having napped and being awake since 7, culminating in a screaming jag that went on for half an hour until she was so exhausted that she fell asleep in my arms. Stone Cold, meanwhile, gibbered on and played with her new bedtime toy: an old credit card that she enjoyed bending so much that I had no chance of removing it from her. Still, she deserved some happiness: Angry Serpiente was taking up the entire bed, so me and Destroyer had to lie on the floor to go to sleep.

It’s truly a hard life.

I left the room at 9 and worked on my standing up practice and my juggling, not reaching the heights of yesterday. But my not very impressive two ball juggling skills are at least fairly consistent now…

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