Sloughing something off

Today was a sluggish day; I got up, omitted to have a shower and instead got down to work, and never shook off the midweek lassitude. The routine is important. I got work work done, struggled with other things, but at least managed to get the girls out on their bicycles and ride to the cafe and to the coast, without any exceptionally dangerous riding by anyone. I’m at a stage now where I feel reasonably comfortable letting them ride around the neighborhood on their own, though I suppose I should do a bit more to make sure they’re as sensible as I hope.
I went back to my desk and the girls went to the park and played all afternoon, so when bedtime cane they were exhausted. I was too (failed to have a proper lunch) so I fell asleep and woke at 845 to find Destroyer asleep next to me. La Serpiente had snuck downstairs and hidden under a blanket until my wife moved her back to her bed. Cheeky children.

So then I mucked about with tax documents for a while and then played a couple of games of Blood Bowl. My first was a resounding success where I obliterated my opponent, and finally got my coach rating above 150 (this is where coach rating start, and I’ve been languishing well below that for most of my Blood Bowl career. The person I was playing complained that it was no fun, and so in a stroke of irony I activated again and drew him in my next match, and he smashed my team to bits. I didn’t say anything, and tried to avoid pointing out that if it wasn’t fun for him to have my team beat his up, the reverse might also be the case. And I dropped back below 150 again, which is the real loss. If numbers were ever the goal here.

Anyway, my wife is zonked and passed out, and I have to be ready for tomorrow, an exciting day where I get my hair cut for the first time in six months. Oh joy!

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