Slow recovery

I slept most of Christmas Day, so I expected not to be able to sleep in the evening. Fortunately, I passed out, slept all the way through until 9 this morning. And all that failure to eat yesterday meant that I’ve lost 1.3 kg over the Christmas period – isn’t that great? (note to self: it doesn’t feel that great).

I did very little all day. Around lunchtime, my wife and La Serpiente went to see the Nutcracker at the Pacific Northwest Ballet, and me and Destroyer stayed at home. We watched the Nutcracker on Amazon Video instead, which was close enough.

I have a bit of tinnitus in my left ear, which I hope is just a function of the infection and that it will go away soon. I won’t go into the other revolting symptoms I’m currently beset with, only to rejoice that I haven’t suffered a repeat of yesterday’s debilitating nausea. So some things are improving.

Other than that, very, very little to report. I’m reading one of my gifts from my wife: Richard K Morgan’s Thin Air, which, if the first hundred pages are anything to go by, is very good indeed. And that’s really about it.

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