It rained today, so instead of taking the girls on their customary bike ride, I made them walk to a cafe to get a treat. At which point the sun came out and I had to hustle them both home again as fast as I could so I wasn’t late for a meeting.
This wasn’t enough to wear them out, or at least not enough for Destroyer, who, now we aren’t dosing them with melatonin every night, is struggling to sleep again. Tonight she shuffled and complained for an hour, until I left the room, which was about when she started crying and I had to go back in to console her. I’ll miss this in the future, when I don’t have her wrecking my routine like this.

Speaking of routines, I was meant to do a prize giving at 8 this morning via a video call, but the girls woke me at 5 and I went to sleep in La Serpiente’s bed, waking up at 845 to find I’d missed almost all the call, and had panicked messages on my phone from people worrying that I was dead. Which seems a bit of a heightened response, unless we assume that means people think I’m usually totally reliable. I must get better alarms.

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