Slowish Saturday

Today La Serpiente went to her ultimate frisbee match with a teammate, and we didn’t need to transport her, so I had a fairly relaxed time going to the park with Destroyer, and then for lunch, and finally an exhausting visit to the climbing gym with her, where I didn’t get to climb much because I had to supervise her and not have her land on her head. Also, I was knackered, but I blame that on my big week of work and little sleep.
I did get a full eight hours sleep this morning though, so I can’t complain.

The Blood Bowl organising trots on. I got out all my pitches for next week, chased all the coaches for rosters, tidied, thought about making results sheets for the matches … And then lost an hour staring at the TV because I was mentally done. Then a quick league game, which I lost 1-0, and off to bed.

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