Slowly getting stronger

Today I had my weekly training session at the climbing wall. Tuesdays are the busiest day so the place was full of people, and instead of starting off climbing we did some floor work first: lots of planks and hollow body exercises and to round it off hanging from the pull up bar and trying to raise my straightened legs to waist height. Which is something I could never have done two months ago.
After that, a few more endurance exercises: trying to climb a reasonably hard problem three times in 5 minutes. Each time I did this, I became more aware of how ungainly I was. Lots of poor root choices where half way up the wall I realised an error and had to try to swap hands on a tiny hold, or wobble and rotate out from the wall, gripping on for bare life. I’ve abraded the top layer of skin from the pad of my left thumb, which is annoying but shows I’ve improved my grip strength to the point that holding onto things isn’t the limiting factor it was: now it’s my soft and delicate paws… Maybe I’m getting clumsier, or maybe I’m more aware of my limitations.

As things get harder, I fail to keep my arms straight and instead I rely too much on bicep strength, so the last exercise of the day was to stand up, holding the pull up bar in one hand, and then simultaneously bend your knees and go up on your toes. That simulates what happens when you have straight arms and you’re putting your weight through your toes into the wall. It’s more challenging than it sounds there.

Then home, to unpack boxes. Apparently climbing and moving house are quite similar: getting in awkward positions and then trying to move something heavy. I’m looking forward to the rest day tomorrow.

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