Slowly making progress

I walked the girls to school today because it wasn’t an insanely windy day, and La Serpiente ran into one entrance with one of her friends, abandoning me and Destroyer to walk to the other entrance. Then I went home and spent time being productive for several hours, before a combination of anxious worrying and unclear stress accompanied me on my drive down south to drop off some laundry and supplies at one of the homeless encampments.
Then home, for more calls, more creeping dread that didn’t turn out to be anything, and occasional calls with electrical suppliers to figure out what we’re doing to illuminate our basement.

Finally, I drove down to our house to pick some stuff up, and noticed they’ve begun putting the siding on the extension: (child attached for scale).

We’re still not complete, but the house is clearly much closer every day to being an actual house. So there’s that to rejoice for.

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