Smoke and cider

The whole day, the air got worse. The city was invisible behind a shroud of smoke and so we stayed in the house, foregoing our usual trip to the coffee shop for their daily cookie. Inconveniently, with the doors and windows all shut, the indoors was hot and stuffy, it was cooler outside, but I didn’t want to be breathing down an exhaust pipe even if it was a bit breezier.
I took Destroyer out once, as we had to go up to school to pick up more materials and see her teacher, but other than that, indoors all day. The kids ran about and gibbered and squeaked, and I did my best to feed them and entertain them.

After a whole day without proper exercise (the girls came and swung on my chin up bars for a while, but had nothing else to wear them out) I had to put them to bed and for a change La Serpiente took longer to go to sleep than her sister.

Then all that was left was to go downstairs and stare at the TV for an hour or three, until finally the smoke had cleared enough for the lights of the city to be visible once again. Perhaps the smoke will clear soon…

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