Disappointingly, the air quality was worse today than yesterday, precluding going to the High Plains Desert Museum. Instead, we had pancakes then drove to see the caves in Redmond. I’d had no coffee and I blame that for driving straight to the caves, rather than back to the chalet to pick up more stuff for the kids to eat. Never leave home without that!
Still, the kids were inordinately excited by the caves (compared to their parents, less than keen about clambering deep into some crack in the ground) and just as excited to leave to go and climb around a conventional playground. My wife found a restaurant that served chicken nuggets and cheese quesadillas as well as proper food, which suited us fine as we’d be able to feed the kids and still have a proper meal. My wife made the mistake of a bucket of pisco sours, and then I broke my one-meat-of-rhe-month policy with a delicious marinaded plate of tenderloin, after which I was like a snake, wanting to curl up after a good meal.

We drove back into Bend, where the air was only getting worse, did the laundry, charged the car, placates the girls by taking them back to the bookshop, and then tumbling home to wash the sand from our feet. Goodbye Bend tomorrow…

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