It rained today, a fine drizzle from start to finish, so to try to keep the girls from a total meltdown I took them each out, in turn, to walk around the neighborhood. On the next block, we discovered a bush that was covered with snails. The girls were each fascinated by this (well, they’re fascinated by all snails) and so after La Serpiente had counted 64 of the snails on the bush and on the path around it, we had to fetch my wife, tearing her away from cake baking, to also inspect it.
I thought that would be an end to our invertebrate extravaganza for the day, but Destroyer and La Serpiente both decided to collect snails and bring them home. It’s not as if we don’t already have a front garden full of snails.

After we’d put the snails down in the front, my wife went in to make dinner. I entertained the girls first by playing catch, and then they decided they wanted to spend the rest of the afternoon wrestling me. The good thing about being double the weight of my girls, and having longer limbs, is that I could put my hand on Destroyer’s head and keep her at arms-length, while throwing La Serpiente around with my other arm. And no complaints from either of my little monsters.

I scrambled some eggs for Destroyer, which was better than trying to make her eat cereal yesterday for dinner. And then both girls were asleep in a trice. A good day, once more.

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