For my parents’ last full day in the US this trip, we booked brunch at the Sashlip Lodge in Snoqualmie. For 2:15, which is clearly no longer brunch and definitely lunch, but that’s the only slot we could get.

The lodge is where part of Twin Peaks was filmed (which I think I may have found out the last time we visited, in 2014, but I’d totally forgotten) and is next to Snoqualmie Falls, which are huge and power a hydroelectric station down the valley

They’re also picturesque and so we took the kids for a mile long hike down and up a very big hill, making sure we had enough appetite for brunch.

We hadn’t done enough as I was defeated by a stack of pancakes, but we were well fed on buttermilk biscuits doused in honey, cocktails and all the trimmings. We rolled out a few hours later and trundled down to Snoqualmie to look at the railway museum before heading back.

It was a lovely day. The skies were blue, the air was cold but fresh, and the kids were mostly wel behaved with occasional whining and squabbling, and we had them in bed and passed out before 8.all that fresh air, I guess.

The last ten days have rushed past. I regret not taking off time to hang out with my parents in the daytime, but we managed to fit in quite a lot regardless. Now, hopefully everyone gets some sleep.

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