Snow day

I woke this morning to snow. That meant the girls were super excited, although La Serpiente had her school delayed by two hours and Destroyer’s school was cancelled completely. I took a bus to work and got in late.
But there was little snow downtown, until about 2pm,where flurries suddenly became much heavier, and so I left work early to be able to get home. Back in Ballard, the snow was mostly gone; I picked up La Serpiente from school and then took her home, where I worked on my MBA and tried to catch up with work.

It snowed a bit more. My wife had her turn of putting the kids to bed, and I went out to feed the cats, get in a few laps of the pool, and sit in a sauna for ten minutes. Internal temperature returned to normal, it was time to go home and let my brain collapse before the TV. More snow is falling…

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