Snow daze

Today La Serpiente’s school was open but delayed by two hours, and Destroyer’s was open for normal schedule, so I took my youngest on her usual sequence of three different buses, one miniature doughnut and then an unexpected cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles on top. She was quite happy with that, and blew me a kiss through the window of the school.
By the evening she was back to raging at everything we said to her, whether it was something innocuous like asking her if she wanted to go for dinner, or telling her to stop screaming at the top of her voice. Either way, she went up to her bedroom weeping uncontrollably, so we had to settle that and then put her down to bed before I could teach our visitor to play Blood Bowl.

Meanwhile, it’s snowed some more. The roads are meant to be especially bad tomorrow because the temperature is rising then dropping again, gifting us lots of lovely ice. I worked from home today, a little exhausted after walking back from Destroyer’s school in the cold, but I ma aged to bang my way through some of my tasks. Tomorrow I have to give a training session, which won’t be so much fun if I’m delivering it from my bedroom rather then in person. But perhaps the snow and ice will all clear…

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