Snow, jam, and so on

Because of last night’s forecast warm temperatures, followed by cold temperatures, the schools were all closed today, for fear the snow would melt and refreeze as ice. Inevitably, that meant I woke to a beautiful sunrise and clear roads, the promised snow never having materialised. I headed into work, leaving my wife to handle both the kids.

Of course, the snow came back this afternoon, and about 3 I fled downtown to get home safely. There, I had the wonderful discovery that the girls were learning to play the Newfoundland Jam Game, a wonderful game where you make different jams (or tinned moose) from various different ingredient and recipe cards. In the full adult version you spend your time swearing a lot and calling your opponent a ‘juice arse’ and as yet they haven’t taken on this component of the game.

My wife’s friend got a taxi to the airport and (hopefully) got a flight back to Canada. We put the girls to sleep with a minimum of fuss. Well, no screaming and shouting tonight, even if Destroyer refused to sleep and lay on the floor for a while, before coming downstairs to interrupt a game of Blood Bowl, but at least no screaming and shouting.

Speaking of Blood Bowl, it’s just 10 days until my tournament. I’ve started to get entries in (perhaps because we knocked the price down to $10) but at least I’m not worried that I’m going to have organised a party with no guests. Quite excited to see what the turnout is like…

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