Sofa karma

I had the kids to entertain today, and I also had a man coming round to install a new internet connection, and I had a work call in the middle of the day, so I became quite distracted. I took the girls for a walk up a big hill to get coffee – La Serpiente was particularly unhappy about this – then walked them down again, had my call, made a frankly dreadful lunch for each child, and then did a bit of pebble based art with them before falling asleep for an hour.
As a treat, we gave the girls pizza (I ate half of it) and let them watch Trolls II, which had La Serpiente freaking out and near to tears for the last half hour. Then my wife made Destroyer have a tantrum by interrupting her the twelfth time she told us the same knock knock joke.

So, all in all, a triumphant end to the week. I went round to a friend’s house, sat down on her sofa and almost broke my neck when it collapsed under me, which I’m sure the girls would identity as karma coming to get me. A perfect end to the day.

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