Some frustration, some tantrums

We had a couple of tantrums from La Serpiente, quite unlike her, as usually her temperament is sunny and energetic. But it turned out that angst over having too much work to do, and then putting off doing that work, was sending her into a spiral of blubbering and screaming that it was hard to get out of. The individual bits of work are nothing difficult – watch a short video, write down a definition or two – but it was a source of great stress for her, poor thing.
On the other hand, both girls were perfectly behaved when I made them walk to Phinney Ridge, not complaining once about the distance or the fact that there were hills or anything. I brought them back, our neighbours came over, and then the girls bounced around in our neighbours trampoline while we made dinner.

I also bought some tomatoes while we were out, and moved a peonie bush across the garden, so this was a somewhat productive day.

All the trampolining (and later making smores over our fire) and then trying to persuade the children to go to bed meant we had a very late bedtime, although both girls were out like a light. I had a dreadful Blood Bowl game after a good streak, where my best player died and the doctors failed to resuscitate him, and I went down 3-1 despite some good luck early on. There are some players I play against that I have no luck against, and really don’t enjoy playing, and that was one of them. Then again, it’s been a terrible season for my team – for one that’s meant to be good at hitting othet players and withstanding damage, we’ve had the most players killed of any team in the league, and not made a dent in anyone else. I’m debating whether to quit the league entirely over this, as it’s been a month of terrible, frustrating games, finished off with losing a player I’d hoped would propel us to greater things. But then, why stress over a game? It’s not science homework…

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