Some hard exercise

I had another training session at the climbing wall today, and I rode my bike from home to work and back again, so by the time I got home at 845 this evening, I was pretty broken. I did two things today: attempt progressively harder climbs until I failed (partly because my left arm is weak after straining it last week) and then practiced standing on my head. I must remember to post my exercises somewhere for everyone to be intimidated by.

The latter activity involves doing lots of downward facing dog, if you’re into yoga, but with my feet placed on higher and higher platforms, so more and more of the weight of my body goes through my arms and shoulders. Even if I don’t get to be able to stand on my head by June, I should be substantially stronger.

But for now I’m just exhausted, my hands too weak to grip, my legs too tired to walk.

I made a big effort not to eat any sweets at work today. That shouldn’t be so difficult, but with the excessive amount of candy just lying around, it’s quite the struggle. Today is also my first night without any booze since Thursday, I think, so perhaps these two things combined will stop me getting any chubbier. After all, the heavier I am, the more work it will be to stand on my head.

My wife is just as tired as me, so now we’re in bed, reading Walter Jon Williams novels and hearing children scream. I hope that’s children in other apartments and not ours going off on one through the walls.

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