Some parks

This was the last day before I go back to work, even if that will just be commuting to my desk at the back of the house. To celebrate, we drove to a couple of parks in Seattle, for the kids to run around novel, deserted play areas and see new things.
They were ecstatic; it turns out the best thing in the world for La Serpiente and Destroyer is to climb onto things they’ve never seen before, then jump off them. They were also exemplary on the monkey bars and didn’t complain until we were almost home again; a decent morning.

I had to take the car back so I dropped the family off, took a box of unnecessary things to Goodwill, and then returned the car. Then I had a slow walk home, a cup of coffee and a bit of cake. Life is good.

It was sunny again: the girls played in the yard, I drank cider and then fell asleep on the sofa before I had to go out for a run. My poor legs are still complaining now at what I put them through, but I think they’ll survive…

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