Some progress

Our girls are suffering from bad dreams at the moment, or the fear of them. La Serpiente came in early this morning after a nightmare, and woke again this evening just before twelve. Meanwhile Destroyer took an hour to go to sleep tonight, insisting that when she closes her eyes she "sees monsters". I’ve tried to remain calm through this, but I can see that a few more sleep deprived nights and I’ll lose my placidity.
On the positive side, we’ve made great strides in tidying up the house. The new linen cupboard where our chimney used to be is filled up, which means no more mounds of towels and blankets on our floor. I’ve organised my Blood Bowl paraphernalia into three boxes with a specific purpose for each, and my desk is clear for Monday morning.

I’m hopeful that the next visit from our electrician will coincide with getting power to our outlets, and if we’re lucky the microwave will work too. Wonders will never cease.

I intended to work out tonight. Taking an hour to put Destroyer to bed put the kibosh on that, but I did get the trophy for my next tournament completed, so that’s progress of a sort. Onwards to the next adventure!

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