Some Progressions

I’ve been trying to do an extra pull up every day this month, and today I did 27,with very sloppy form, and not consecutively, but over an entire day, so that isn’t so impressive. I also hurt something in my shoulders and now my neck is sore, so perhaps 28 is out of reach tomorrow.
It’s rained and rained and rained. On the positive side I finally got round to waxing my boots yesterday so they’re nice and waterproof, but the rest of me isn’t. If I’d remembered to take my vitamin D this morning I might have met this with equanimity, but instead I’m cold and a little bit grumpy.

On the positive side, planning for the summer: I have at least three Blood Bowl tournaments to attend and another to organise, this time involving dinosaurs, which should be epic.

The children were exhausted this evening and went to sleep fast. I fell asleep next to Destroyer and woke up with both my arms numb, which made extracting myself from her bed hard. My wife and I played a game of backgammon, which I narrowly won, and then I wholeheartedly lost a game of Blood Bowl. So that’s me done for the night…

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  1. Very pleased to see you playing backgammon. Your Mum and I usually have a game after Dinner each night.

    Glad to hear that you plan to come over in the Summer



  2. I can do half a pull up now, which is good going, I’m OK if starting from bent arms but I have never been able to rotate my shoulders round to support lifting my body from dead hang, but I’m working on that specific movement now. Don’t hurt your shoulder. Climbing with a dodgy shoulder is miserable.

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