Some routine

I went back to the Olympic Fitness Club tonight, after getting the girls to sleep, and did 8 laps in the pool, a 33% improvement on yesterday. (And I managed two laps without stopping, which was another upgrade on my prior performance.) Then I went and sat in the steam room for ten minutes, revelling in my body’s return to Singaporean temperatures.
And then I went home, and surprised myself by not falling asleep, as I usually do after a swim. I suppose falling asleep next to LA Serpiente at bedtime and waking up to find shed drooled down my bicep was a restorative.

So after all this, I got home about 10. We watched a few episodes of Returning The Favor on Facebook, then farted about with the TV until we were too tired to think. And thus to bed. That’s enough self improvement for one day.

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