Some shouting

I made the kids go for another long walk after dinner tonight, and we trudged together through dark, cold streets in Ballard, but with very little complaining, until we got home and I scolded Destroyer for taking an eternity to get dressed for bed. She lay on the floor and screamed that I was the worst ever for hurting her feelings, but apparently she forgave me after I read her a book about dragons, and then we fell asleep together in her bed.
My plan to do more pull ups every day failed: I did one less today than yesterday, but I also dangled for half a minute from my chin up bar, so I suppose there is that. I spent most of the day helping people in one way or another, which felt good, even if it was just things like looking up numbers for somebody or explaining to somebody else how things work.

Oh, and I fetched my new spectacles. I made the girls accompany me down to the opticians, because it was Veteran’s Day and there was no school, so they’d been driving their mother to distraction. Instead, for an hour they were in the back of the car, as we drove south and north and then got lost on the way to our regular cafe.

So I suppose I did do some things, something to justify being this sleepy this evening. Onwards, to the weekend!

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