Some things we learned

Today we got a signed copy of Charles Stross’ latest novel. This was nice. Even though it was marked "Happy birthday James & Jenni" when it should have been "Happy anniversary James & Jennifer" but the poor man writes enough as it is, does he need to distinguish marriages from births? I dunno.
I woke feeling dreadful, and went back to bed, sleeping all morning, which seemed the best thing for me. My belly is still a little unhappy but I don’t feel deathly like yesterday so that’s all to the good.

In the afternoon, perking up, I got back to work, sorted out a few different things, and felt I’d been kind of productive. And then wasted three hours this evening playing Cyberpunk again on easy mode, punching computer generated people in the head. It’s one way to relax.

My wife has complained about the early morning sunlight, so I’ve taken bulldog clips to make sure there are no gaps between the curtains. Let’s see how this works out …

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