Somebody is a bit tired out

I rode to work again today, this time avoiding the traffic jam in the service lift, and so making it to my desk (divested of sweaty shirt) by 9:30 in the a.m., where I spent the morning solving problems. Problems I had produced yesterday by not following exactly the guidelines for how one programs a database, but never mind that! Solving problems! Problems!
Because I’d put the girls to bed for the last two nights, my wife volunteered to take the girls this evening, so I went out after work and did an hour of climbing. That was a bit odd. Stuff I was confident on last week I kept failing, and then I managed a sticky 17 I’d been struggling with, and a complicated problem in the corner too. So, mixed feelings.

I got home just before 8, to find the girls watching Paw Patrol (so I hadn’t managed to avoid bedtime entirely). I ate some soup and then read them a story, and while my wife put them down I lay on the sofa and groaned at my aching body. Maybe I need to get some more sleep this week…

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