Speaking engagements and facial hair decisions

My wife woke me up at 5 this morning, turning on the light to find the air conditioning remote so that the bedroom would stop being such a sweatbox. I woke up again at 7:30, and was then rather tired, despite all the sleep. Today I had to speak at a conference, so after I’d dropped the girls off to school, I’d go home, change into ‘business attire’ and then go to the convention centre.
On the way to school we saw an exceptional ten different dogs, so the girls were in quite high spirits until it was time to drop them off. Then Destroyer’s face turned as sad as it could possibly be, and so I kneeled down to give her some solace before she could start crying.

"What’s wrong?" I asked.

"Daddy …" she began, in the tiniest of tiny voices.

"Yes, my dear?"

"Daddy, I want your beard and moustache back".

Well, amusing though that is, it places me in a quandary as my wife can’t stand the moustache. I suppose depending on La Serpiente’s deciding vote, I may or may not grow it back.

After all that, I rushed home, changed clothes and took a car to the Suntec Convention Centre.

Which is not the same as the Marina Bay Sands Hotel And Convention Centre, which was where the conference was. Cue rushing off to find another taxi, and then that taxi forgetting how to make a U-turn and driving me halfway across town.

Eventually, we made it to the venue for a sound check. I’d assumed we were speaking in a room, but instead the stage was in one corner of the travel expo, which meant lots of noise, a high ceiling for my speech to float up into and vanish, lots of passing distractions and a coffee bar next to us. Definitely not ideal circumstances.

Still, we checked in, then left (there were five hours before we had to present) and went back to the office. My co-presenter and I went back at 2pm, just in time to hear the previous speaker (who was on the massively unrelated topic of medical tourism – cue consternation as we worried that the audience would want more medical shenanigans and nothing about digital measurement). Happily, our material went over well (as long as people could hear it) and afterwards we had a press of different people coming to ask us questions, which is (almost) always good as it indicates they’re interested. Or they didn’t understand anything you said.

All this rushing around meant I did about 13,000 steps today, so I was shattered by the time it came to go home. Instead of which, I met my wife and friends for dinner, had my Meat of the Month (roast chicken, which I didn’t know how to eat) and then walked the kids home and put them to bed. Quite the day…

2 thoughts on “Speaking engagements and facial hair decisions

  1. What was the decision? They’re not quite back yet judging by your FB picture, but they look as if they are threatening.
    It’s weird reading posts in backwards order.

    1. Well, decision seems to be that I keep facial fluff away for now. Although my inept shaving yesterday brought only jeering, so perhaps I’ll have to let it grow back anyway. I’m so confused, honestly

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