Special deliveries

With my wife feeling crummy, I drove the girls out to Port Townsend. We had a rush to get to the ferry, then an uneventful journey across the water. In the winter, even with a boat out of commission, there’s less traffic and it’s easier to get on.

Once in Port Townsend, the girls had malts, chips, hot dog and chicken strips, and after spending two hours there quite pleasantly, we drove down to Finn River, picked up some cider and then drove for an hour to see my friend in Puyallup, who is disposing of his Blood Bowl table.

I tried to fit it in our car, but the only way to do that involved removing both girls, and in all good conscience I couldn’t abandon them in Puyallup overnight, so the table went into his garage, we drove home and got to watch the Titans get crushed by the Cowboys, before my evening Blood Bowl match where I annihilated the other team with my undead hipsters named after Australian railway stations. Such is life.

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