Spooktacular Two

And so, after stressing and prepping, the second run of the Spooktacular Sportsball is complete, with a very respectable 20 coaches – 25% more than last year, and if it hadn’t been for variously family events, a covid case, a broken wrist and a rival GW event in Kansas City, I think we could easily have done 24 today.
I’m frightfully exhausted now, as I played three matches as well as running the scoring for the event: I’d have preferred to just be the umpire, it’s always more stress to do two things at once, but that’s the trouble with having an odd number of coaches.

Things to remember for next year:

The scoresheets need simplifying: "Casualties inflicted" kept confusing people. Next time we’ll keep it blindingly obvious: "I scored this many TDs"

Handling prizes when somebody wins multiple trophies. We have a one-prize-per-person policy so somebody doesn’t score all the loot. So what happens when somebody gets most TDs and runs a stunty team?

Score (the application) has one font that you can’t change, a confusing user interface (I couldn’t get it to rank players by overall score) and is just a bit hard to use. Or I need more practice, I don’t know…

My games: I took Skaven, thinking they’d be squishy and die fast. Instead I had super hot dice in my first game and wiped out some vampires, winning 3-1. I drew with Halflings (2-2) when better defending might have given me the win and then lost 2-1 to new Amazons where I got a filthy TD with my Rat Ogre and then didn’t play conservatively enough with my mice in the second half. Still awarded myself the most casualties prize though- the ridiculous thing is I’ve won something at each of my tournaments. Got to share that around a bit.

Another learning: a sneaky git dirty player gutter runner is vicious. Foul here, foul there, foul anywhere!

Now, my brain gone, time to rest….

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