Because I don’t have any chance to exercise while wrangling both the girls, I went out at lunchtime and did 45 minutes at Boulder Movement. I was still tired from yesterday’s big effort, so I didn’t try much new stuff until near the end, when I tried a difficult problem on the slab wall. I went OK a few times, then screwed it up the last time and fell.
A reason I prefer overhanging walls is that, as well as rewarding upper body strength, it’s hard to hit anything on the way down. Whereas on the slab, I fell too fast to push myself away, and ended up with a graze by my left elbow, and, more troublingly, a really hard bash on my left foot.

It was OK immediately afterward, but by the time I went to collect La Serpiente, it was quite sore, and I’ve been limping and icing it ever since. I’m hoping I can rest it over the next few days, but that means more TV and less running around outside for the girls.

I also got told off by the building security for riding my scooter indoors. My company doesn’t mind, but the building doesn’t like me zooming around between security gate and escalator. So that’s one less bit of fun. On the other hand, I now know that if I’m in a panic trying to get to the school to pick up La Serpiente, it’s only five minutes from our apartment block by scooter.

Possibly this was unwise with a sprained ankle. Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

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