Spray today

Today I took Waffles to the Petco store up the street, to get him washed and (slightly) groomed – a "hygiene trim" where they worked around his butt so there’s more tidiness there (dogs aren’t able to wipe, Waffles has long fur, you don’t need more details). After three hours, Waffles looked much more debonair, and the kids wanted to buy every animal in Petco, from mice to snakes to geckos to hamsters to tarantulas. I suppose if we bought the lot, the snakes would eat the mice so it would be partially self-correcting.
While we were at the pet store, the car dealership called to say our new car has finally arrived, and as soon as the pre delivery inspection is complete we can go collect it. So again, another piece is fitting into the complicated jigsaw of our life.

After bedtime tonight, I drove over to a friend’s place to try out his airbrush. This is a wonderful thing for painting miniatures with, but it’s also a good $200 of kit to buy, before you think about how you’ll vent the fumes, prevent making a mess everywhere, and so on. It’s very handy for priming miniatures instead of using a spray can, but it also takes some getting used to. Perhaps it’s a treat when the house is done. After three hours of gently spraying paint, I came home to find the dog still clean, and everyone asleep. Onwards to tomorrow!

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