St Patrick’s Day

… came early in Seattle, just as the clocks went forward. What is that, temporal dilation? Anyway, there was a parade today through town, with mobs of Irish dancers (who knew there were so many in Washington?), a phalanx of Delorean sports cars (which I only learned today were manufactured in (Northern) Ireland, which in turn means seeing them decked out in green and orange feels like a geopolitical argument waiting to happen), and 150 unicycling elementary schoolchildren from La Serpiente’s school. Including La Serpiente.
I was amazed by her as usual, unicycling a mile up a steep hill without any real complaint, and without us having to cajole her (we were waiting halfway up the hill for her, so it was an unsupervised climb for her). We hung around for about an hour, then walked to an Irish pub near Pioneer Square, where I had my meat of the month (a cheeseburger, not very Irish, and some of La Serpiente’s fried chicken (Irish?), and an American sized pint of Killerney).

Then off to the library, where I discovered a 1978 Judge Dredd story that appears to have been ripped off for Jurassic Park, and then the heavens opened after a bright, sunny day and we drove home with about fifty books in the back of the car. Good day, that.

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